Apple 13.3″ MacBook Pro Computer w/Retina Display MF840LL/A (Early 2015) review

Maybe for the respect for the late Steve Jobs, the new MacBooks keep on coming on the line, with no end sight. Those who had the pleasure and privilege to enjoy seeing the very first Mac models, and indeed the first cumbersome portable ones (recall still the Portable and the first ever Duo wish came with a docking station), the success of the MacBook series can seem as astonishing and miraculous. Some people may even end up wondering how come that is possible? Surely on the line of the products of Apple, there were also some incidents, which did ever see the bright light, or if they did, the customers did not really buy them and the story went dry and short.


The latest MacBook model, which is even on sale in eBay already (see eg as well as other common Apple purchase channels, brings up more flesh on the bones of the successive and progressive story of the Apple laptop devices. As loyal to the annals of the history, this new MacBook introduces some new features in the diligent and smooth manner. All the details and new features are presented as well integrated, mature and indeed in the way that it seems that all of them already existed long time before and that they have a place in the product line and the use case, rather than being sexy and trendy as such.

This particular aspect is maybe one of the major things that many other mainstream Windows laptop manufacturers fail to accomplish. When new features are introduces on the other side of the fence, they are more often completely unfinished, not integrated to the product and yet often fully driven by the motivations which are not user-centric.

The new MacBook pro comes up with a new Trackpad, which enables a whole new gesture. Under the hood there is brand new processor, for the performance needs of the mobile devices. This processor architecture is something long being waited for, and this model is one of the very first products to provide it fully integrated and good. And as expected from the brand loyal product introduction, all the relevant features remain, and the performance and capacity has been increased slightly on all levels.

  • New Touchpad
  • Keyboard
  • Display

  • Price

Good luck for the new MacBook Pro!


Apple 13.3″ MacBook Pro Computer w/Retina Display MF840LL/A (Early 2015) review
Apple 13.3" MacBook Pro Computer w/Retina Display MF840LL/A (Early 2015)

Pricing starts from 1499

Nice device from Apple as always.
9.5 Total Score

Nice device from Apple as always.

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